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Bemis Honey Bee Farm started with five hives and the passion to pollinate their family’s existing commercial tree farm - Bemis Tree Farm. Family owned and operated since 1992, Tracey and Donna Bemis started Bemis Tree Farm with their two sons, Nathan, and Jeremy Bemis (owner of BHBF). Along with operating the tree farm with his family, Jeremy has expanded the business into stump removal and honey bee supplies. All three companies are ran with the help of friendly and invaluable employees, family members, and friends.


When getting started in beekeeping with his wife, Emily, Jeremy quickly realized that there were no beekeeping suppliers in his area and very little sources for information. Not wanting other new beekeepers to have the same difficult experience in getting started, Jeremy and his wife began selling beekeeping supplies and offering beginner beekeeping classes.

As Bemis Honey Bee Farm’s number of colonies began to grow, so did their business and the demand for more education. Bemis Honey Bee Farm offers a wide variety of beekeeping supplies, as well as informative classes year round that range from beginner to queen rearing. The classes are hands on and taught by qualified and experienced instructors.

Two admission free events are held at Bemis Honey Bee Farm once a year that are geared to be educational and entertaining for all. Bee Day is held in the spring each year and focusses on teaching and bettering beekeeping practices. This is also the day that packaged bees are picked up. The day is filled with food, fun, and information for all ages. The number of people attending the event has doubled each year. The Arkansas Honey Festival is held in the fall each year and focuses on products from the hive, as well as honey production. A honey contest is held and tastings are open to the public. Free classes and activities are offered along with food and information. Both events feature live demonstrations in the bee yard.

Bemis Honey Bee Farm strives to provide exceptional service and quality supplies at a low price. Take a drive through the tree farm and visit the Bee Store to pick up a few supplies and meet new friends in the beekeeping industry.

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