BEE DAY 2023
April 22nd - 9am-4pm

Bee Day is held each spring and focuses on teaching and bettering beekeeping practices. This is also the day that packaged bees and nucs are picked up. The day is filled with food, fun, education, and live demonstrations in the bee yard. This is a free event and registration is not required. (There will be live bees flying at the event.)



October 7th

The Arkansas Honey Festival is held each fall with the mission of educating the public on the importance of the honey bee population in Arkansas and to showcase honey and products made from the hive by beekeepers across the state. It is an opportunity to bring producers and consumers together in celebration of the state’s sweetest commodity. Like Bee Day, the festival is also filled with food, fun, shopping, education and live demonstrations in the bee yard. For more information, visit

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