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Arkansas Honey Festival - Honey Contest

Calling all beekeepers! If you think you have some of the best honey in the state of Arkansas, put it to the test. We encourage you to participate in the Arkansas Honey Festival's 3rd annual honey contest. This contest is not about strict rules or everyone's bottle looking the exact same. Your honey is unique and we believe you should keep it that way. We are not picky about the size or shape of your bottle, and we encourage you to leave your well designed label on your bottle. Just make sure your honey is raw, pure, and safe to eat, and your bottle is clean. 

Once the official judging has ended, the honey tasting will be opened to the public. Each person will pick his/ her favorite honey. There will be multiple winners of these contests, but only one grand winner will receive the Orca Cooler (valued at over $200) donated by Arkansas Farm Bureau.

You may enter your honey in person anytime between now and 10:30 am the day of the event. (10/7/17) For questions, call (501)897-BEES




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